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Testimonials from our San Antonio pet sitting clients


I can relax leaving home

“I have had beloved pets and pet sitters all my life but never have I felt so comfortable leaving my pets in the care of someone as I have with Wanda Baer of Baer Paws. Not only does Wanda connect with the animals, but you can see immediately how comfortable they are with her. I can relax leaving home knowing that everything is in the capable hand of Baer Paws.”

– Bea

very reliable and trustworthy

“Wanda has taken care of our beloved Weimaraner, Zoe, since we moved to San Antonio a little over 3 years ago. Wanda knows Zoe so well and has been very helpful in spotting when she may have issues or ailment that may require attention. Wanda is also very reliable and trustworthy. Her attention to detail is obvious in the notes that she leaves. Zoe loves Wanda and is always happy to see her. We feel very lucky to have someone like Wanda who is so caring and gently with our Zoe even through a very rough patch when Zoe had surgery to repair a torn Achilles tendon (of course, chasing a squirrel). That was a very difficult time but Wanda helped us immensely during Zoe’s recovery. It took a full year and we are elated that Zoe has fully recuperated thanks in large part to the gentle care Wanda provided. There is no one who we would trust more than Wanda to care for Zoe.”

– Jace & Erika Calderas

extremely reliable

“There is no one that I would trust with my pets more than Wanda. Now, that’s a powerful statement, but you also need to know that there is nothing more important to me than Bonnie, Toby and Malibu. They are not just my pets they are my life.

From the moment I met Wanda I could tell that she has a big heart and an even bigger understanding of the animals that she takes under her charge. I have complete confidence in her judgment and reliability and most of all in the kindness that she shows towards my dogs. She has administered medication, exercised them, cleaned up their accidents and provided their more basic requirements on a daily basis allowing me to go to work each day knowing that I will come home to three wagging tails. Wanda has built individual connections with each of them and they are always excited to see her. She knows their personalities, quirks, likes and dislikes. This is important, because when she observes something out of the norm, she is quick to let me know. I particularly appreciate the daily notes she leaves for me about her visits.

I recently had to say goodbye to my darling Ginger, who blessed me with her love for 15 years. The last six months were particularly hard because while Ginger had the will to live, her old bones were just worn out. Without Wanda’s help, there is no way that I could have given Ginger the quality of life that she deserved. Just a few weeks later, I took in another 10 year old Lab named Malibu. Wanda’s help and understanding are helping me to get her integrated into my pack.

I have found Wanda to be extremely reliable and she is very accommodating to changes in my schedule. Bonnie, Toby, Malibu and I will tell you that you need to look no further if you need a pet sitter. Yes, they will share her with you, but remember she is their Ms. Wanda.”

– Joe duMenil and Bonkers Bonnie, Turbo Toby and Magnificent Malibu aka the Fair Oaks Ranch Herd

an exemplary pet sitter

“I’ve known Wanda for seven years and highly recommend her to you. I’ve had over eight sitters in the last ten years . . . some didn’t work out as they didn’t meet my expectations as they marketed. Wanda will exceed your expectations.

You will find Wanda to be fully committed to your pets and an outstanding communicator with them, as well as, with you. Wanda got into pet sitting because of her love for animals and it’s not about trying to accumulate a large volume of clients to be able to race from one visit to the next.

Wanda brings outstanding qualifications to you and your pet. She’s very knowledgeable concerning animal behavior (separation anxiety; timid behavior; aggression; and fear to name a few) and has personally nursed pets from infancy to old age and dealt many times over with a geriatric dog that has gone to the dog after life.

Wanda will handle any potential pet emergency with ease and assurance the pet is evaluated in a very quick manner. Wanda will fully acquaint herself with your pet’s medical resources to rapidly make contact with your vet and/or take the pet for emergency care.

I don’t think you’ll be disappointed in Wanda. She’s an exemplary pet sitter and goes the extra mile daily. She brings so much to the table and has the highest standards I’ve seen in the industry. Please give her your highest consideration for caring for your pets.”

– Beth Moore, Air Force Officer

I would not trust anyone but Wanda

“I bred and showed dogs and cats for many years and I would not trust anyone but Wanda to take care of my animals. She has a special gift for communicating with them and an amazing heart that truly cares. Lucky and blessed are the animals that have Wanda as their genuinely talented caregiver.”

– Ann Jennings, Residential and Commercial Designer

great peace of mind

“Having Wanda as a pet sitter gives me and my husband, great peace of mind. We have an elderly cat that requires medicine before he eats. Wanda treats him like he is her own animal and keeps a close watch on him. I never worry because I know she does her job with excellence and will inform me if any problem arises.”

– Janet Sizemore

outstanding pet care

“Wanda provides outstanding pet care to my three kitties. She is prompt, reliable and dependable. I love the notes she leaves at the end of each visit. It helps me understand what the kitties are up to in our absence. She has built and outstanding relationship with my kitties, and they now come out to “talk” to her when she comes to feed them (as evidenced by the text pictures she sends us while we are on vacation). We are so pleased with Wanda’s one-on-one attention to our pets and are so excited about how happy they are to see her!”

– Brenda Kirkpatrick, Stonewall Ranch, San Antonio

accommodating and trustworthy

“Wanda Baer has been walking our golden retriever since she was a puppy. Wanda always answers my emails and texts in a timely manner. She has proved to be accommodating and trustworthy. Her knowledge of dogs is informative and helpful. Wanda is the consummate professional.”

– Liz McCutcheon, Dominion

she loves our dog

“Wanda has been caring for our dog, Missy, for many years now on an “as needed” basis. This works wonderfully for us, because our schedule can change on a moments notice, and Wanda always makes an effort to be there for Missy. When I get home and read the detailed note Wanda leaves about her time with Missy, I know that she has given her full attention to Missy. It’s obvious that she loves our dog and cares for her like she was her own. Any animal under Wanda’s care is a lucky animal!”

– Karen Snyder, Fair Oaks Ranch

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